Blog Posts in June, 2020

  • When Is an Emergency Cesarean Section Required?

    There are circumstances where a c-section is the best alternative to keep you and/or your baby safe from harm. A C-section may be the only safe option if your baby is showing signs of distress during ...
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  • Man Jailed for 5 Months Files Police Brutality Lawsuit

    Attorneys Jeremy Tor , Dennis Lansdowne , and Nick DiCello of Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP in Cleveland are representing Kenta Settles in a police brutality lawsuit. Settles was beaten by several ...
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  • Is Pitocin Safe for Labor Induction?

    When you are nearing your date of delivery, there are potential problems that you must consider which may delay or prolong your labor. There are some medications that the obstetrical team may try and ...
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  • Birth Injury Guide: What You Need to Know

    The birth of a child is one of the most glorious experiences people can have. As long as there is safety and care in place, everything should work out fine. Unfortunately, there are some situations in ...
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