Blog Posts in February, 2020

  • Colon Cancer Caused by Zantac

    In the wake of a recall of Zantac by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), patients from across the country have associated their use of the medication with cancer diagnoses. Zantac ...
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  • Does Zantac Cause Bladder Cancer?

    Zantac , the popular heartburn drug, has been the subject of a nationwide recall. The medication and other ranitidine-based drugs have tested positive for N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a chemical ...
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  • [Infographic] Surgical Error Statistics

    We know that surgical errors are some of the worst types of mistakes you can encounter as a patient. Unfortunately, the numbers concerning this form of medical malpractice are alarming. Our ...
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  • Zantac Recalled Due to Risk of Cancer

    The popular heartburn medication, Zantac – generically named ranitidine – has been recalled by various manufacturers and is being investigated by the United States Food and Drug Administration for its ...
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  • What Causes Surgical Errors?

    Medical negligence is one of the most devastating situations you can encounter. You trust doctors and nurses to provide you care when you need it most. Unfortunately, these medical professionals may ...
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