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Motor Vehicle Accident Statistics in Ohio

In 2014, there were 919 fatal injury crashes and more than 69,000 injury crashes in Ohio. Out of those involved in injury crashes, nearly 9,000 experienced an “incapacitating injury” – the most severe category of injury. The total number of fatal injury crashes and injury crashes remained nearly the same from the year prior.

Some other troubling statistics from Ohio crash data in 2014:

  • Out of 474,836 drivers involved in crashes, 12,353 were under the influence of alcohol
  • 170,781 passengers were injured in crashes
  • 3,753 crashes involved motorcycles
  • 22,849 crashes involved heavy trucks
  • Alcohol related crashes produced 271 fatalities and more than 5,000 injuries
  • One person was killed in a crash every 8.7 hours
  • Approximately 275.5 people were injured every day in a crash
  • In the past five years, 5,216 people have died in traffic crashes in Ohio

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