Construction Manager Negligence Can Lead to Serious Accidents

Road construction managers have a duty to their workers and the driving public to maintain safe conditions on construction sites. When they do not adhere to this responsibility, accident victims may have a legal remedy. You should not hesitate to speak with an auto accident lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio.

Drivers pass by road construction sites every day relying on construction companies to be safe—and most are. But when a company puts profits before basic safety, we help hold it accountable to make sure that the resulting injuries don't happen again. Our clients want answers, and they want to make a difference. We help them do that.

Thorough Preparation: The Key To A Successful Outcome

Our Cleveland lawyers at Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP represent clients who were injured or whose loved ones died in a road construction accident. We prepare each case thoroughly in anticipation of a jury trial if that becomes necessary. We have found that being well prepared encourages the other side to make a fair settlement offer; insurance company lawyers know that we are formidable opponents and seek to minimize their expense and exposure by settling. They seldom wish to face us in court. Contact us for a free consultation if you have been injured or lost a loved one in a road construction accident.

Building A Strong Case

With about 70 years of experience in handling complex and challenging personal injury cases, our law firm provides clients with effective and sophisticated representation and counsel at all stages of the legal matter. We work with nationally known experts and specialists, including engineers, physicians, traffic experts and construction managers. Our Ohio attorneys have access to consultants such as these who help us understand all aspects of the case and consequences of the accident on the client's life and future.