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“I am thankful that they accepted our case. The same case, handled by someone else, had the potential to be much less beneficial to us. We are beyond pleased.”

“Best part of this experience was a sense of confidence and trust that our situation would be handled as best it could be due to the competency and strength of Pete Weinberger.”

“The team was very thorough with my case, they were very down to earth and caring about our feelings. I've made new friends with your attorneys and staff and greatly appreciate everything they have done for me.”

“Everyone was very helpful. This was the first time I was involved with a lawsuit, and everyone made me feel comfortable.”

“You made a very bad and depressing situation a little easier to handle. You made me feel I had someone on my side. Your staff was very compassionate and empathetic while always professional. Thank you.”

“I received exactly what they promise: commitment and results with integrity.”

“I needed an attorney that could stand their ground against big companies, and that’s what I got.”

“I thank God that I was sent to this firm and I am very grateful for everything. I was treated like I mattered, plus the amount of time and research the firm puts into your case and explaining what, why and how they are doing it is very reassuring.”

“I was extremely pleased with the firm. I didn’t know how to go about any kind of suit, but I didn’t have to worry. You guys walked me through it and I never worried about anything.”

“I was kept informed every step of the way. I was also treated with respect and compassion through a very painful process.”

“Peter Brodhead was most gracious. He treated my mother as if she were his own mother. He reminded me of the attorney I have worked for the past 30 years. Very gentlemanly. What a pleasure to meet him.”

“Thank you for getting me a settlement and making me feel like a winner not a victim. I never worried about anything. You always called to inform me about the case. Very considerate and problem free.”

“We knew we were in great hands. You were honest, up front and highly recommended. You were very good on getting all the experts. You accommodated us perfect. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for everything.”

“You treated us fantastic. We felt extremely well taken care of and relieved. I felt that my feelings mattered and you sincerely cared. You are the very best and all so kind and professional. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me and thank you for finally bringing closure.”

“You went into great detail about what we would be encountering and walked us through everything step by step. You were nothing but helpful and made me feel at ease. Thank you for taking such good care of me.”

“I was a little down in the dumps! You guys are the best, especially Sheila Schebek! The concern, compassion, and professionalism. Sheila always treated me like I was a family member. Her concern for my well-being was evident every time I talked to her. I can't say enough about her professionalism, perseverance, and kindness. I would recommend others and tell them your firm is simply the best! Thank you for helping me.”

“I didn't think I would get anything, but thanks to all of you and your hard work, I am getting something. Your law firm has been the best. You kept in touch with me almost every step. Thank you all. Sheila Schebek is such a wonderful person. Caring and friendly. Thank you Sheila. Keep up the good work. You all made me so happy.”

“I was feeling lost and taken advantage of by my doctor. I was kept informed about what was happening with the case. Sheila Schebek walked me through everything. I can't say enough about her! She was always helpful, informative, present, and personable. She's the kind of person you always wanted to talk to. If she couldn't answer my questions, she got back to me within a day with an answer. I couldn't recommend her more!”

“Before I called you, I felt awful & depressed when I heard about cancer. After I called you and discussed, I felt better knowing that this law firm cared for me. They were very kind and well communicated with me. Their emails and video phone with interpreters to where I am able to understand because I am deaf. This is a super caring law firm. Spangenberg team is very awesome and I am grateful for the hard work, positive, and friendly all you people are. You all have done a great job giving me answers when I need to know. I will recommend your law firm to my family, other families, and friends.”

“I was kept informed by your newsletters, knowing that I was not forgotten. Sheila was very patient and explained everything in easy to understand language. The firm is very reliable.”

“I have been fairly happy with your communications and updates about the process. Sheila Schebek was very professional and informative. I would recommend your firm. I would tell people that you seem to leave no stone unturned and are trustworthy. Thank you for your service and help.”

“I was treated well, with respect, and represented well. Friendly service and a favorable outcome. Everything went well, totally satisfied so far. Sheila Schebek was outstanding in service. She kept us well informed and answered any and all questions promptly. Excellent job. Good job representing us.”

“I liked the professional, efficient, and thoroughness of your team efforts. I would like Sheila Schebek recognized for her knowledge of account details as quickly as I presented questions. She provided confidence and security in all matters. Very excellent!!”

“Coming in, we were unsure if we had a case. After meeting with Peter Brodhead, we were very confident with him. I was always comfortable because everyone was professional and friendly. In the first meeting, I was impressed by Peter Brodhead's demeanor. The second was very informative, professional, and caring with Sheila Schebek. The firm keeps clients informed and always followed through with phone calls.”

“I was feeling uncertain but after I met with Nick I felt at ease & confident. Communication was great, I was constantly informed and everyone was genuine & compassionate. Kelley Algott was great and every time we reached out to her she responded right away. She was extremely helpful. I would recommend Spangenberg, Shibley & Liber to my family & friends because they are compassionate and hardworking!”

“Before you took my case, I was feeling helpless and hurt. But your team showed me respect and kindness from the very beginning to the end. I felt secure and confident that my case would be handled correctly, whether I won or not, because of your consistent professionalism and courtesy in all team members, from the receptionist to my attorney, Mr. Jeremy Tor. Thank you again for everything you did. Even just listening to me helped a lot.”

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