Blog Posts in November, 2013

  • Did I Wait Too Long to Bring a Lawsuit?

    You have a lot of questions when someone you love have has been injured or killed due to the negligence caused by doctors and hospital staff. Under medical malpractice laws, you can find the parties ...
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  • Dangers of Mirena Uncovered

    As a woman, you may have quite a few different options when it comes to a contraceptive device used for birth control. You may choose an implant, a birth control shot, cervical caps, sponges and IUD ...
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  • What Can I Do if I Have a Problem With My Lawyer?

    When you go to an attorney for help, you expect a professional who is there for you every step of the way. But what can you do if you think your lawyer didn’t handle your case properly? What is Legal ...
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  • Time Limits for Personal Injury Lawsuits

    Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or by medical malpractice , your lawsuit has a statute of limitations that you must adhere to in order to seek compensation. Statute of limitations is a ...
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  • Long ER Wait Results in Paralyzed State

    We’ve all been to the emergency room and were made to wait for nurses and doctors to see us. We’ve all been in pain or discomfort and had to sit for hours on end while we wait to be treated. However, ...
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