Blog Posts in April, 2014

  • Why I'm Speaking Out on Distracted Driving

    I’ll be speaking with tenth graders at two Northeast Ohio high schools tomorrow (Shaker Heights High and Cleveland’s Martin Luther King, Jr. High School) regarding the dangers of distracted driving . ...
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  • Why are They Called "Alternative" Fees, Anyway?

    The ABA Journal recently published a short online piece asking whether “alternative fees work in litigation matters,” based on a Washington Post piece. The article cited two examples of firms setting ...
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  • Senator Claire McCaskill reinforces the importance of trial lawyers

    GM CEO Mary Barra was recently called to Washington to answer to the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee for GM’s seemingly cover-up of a design defect in the ignition switch, which ...
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  • Here We Go Again

    The US Supreme Court today granted cert in another class action case with the potential to adversely affect the rights of plaintiffs. In reviewing the 10th Circuit’s denial of en banc review in Dart ...
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