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William Eadie | Feb 16, 2015

Defective Toy Injuries Child

Categories: Product Liability

We’ve all seen products that come onto the market and then are reported as being unsafe. Most products such as these are recalled and replaced to protect public safety.

As adults, this is pretty expected with recalls being upsetting but not atypical. But when a toy is found defective it can be not only disappointing to the child but a real danger and for someone who doesn’t know how to protect themselves.

Injuries from defective products can range from minor scratches to severe and fatal. Every year, thousands of children suffer from serious injuries. This type of harm falls under product liability laws and you need to ensure that the manufacturer of such a product is held responsible for the injuries they have caused your family.

Product liability lawsuits may be filed against the responsible wrongdoers in the event of a defective product. An experienced attorney who understands their way around product law will be able to initiate the legal process you will need to bring forth a lawsuit against the manufacturer. They will need to be able to prove that the defective product is to blame for your child’s injuries and they need to be held liable for those costs that you have occurred. Compensation awarded in these suits may include medical expenses, disability and disfigurement costs and lost wages. In exceptional cases involving extreme suffering and behavior by a manufacturer or retailer, punitive damages also may be awarded by the courts.