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Most defendants we file lawsuits against are backed by large insurance companies. Since these insurance companies would be responsible for paying the settlement or judgment, they often advise the defendant to settle for less than the case is truly worth. We are not intimidated by even the largest insurance companies, nor large corporations. Whatever adversary you face, we can fight to ensure you get what you are owed to make you whole after a serious injury, diagnosis, accident, or otherwise.

Read more about the individual injury cases we take on at our firm:

  • Insurance denial - If the insurance company is denying your claim wrongfully, we can step in to ensure you get what you are entitled to.
  • Insurance bad faith - Insurance companies are obligated to act in good faith to their policyholders. If they are failing to respond to you, wrongfully diminishing the value of your claim, or otherwise, call us.
  • Insurance rescission - This deals specifically with health insurance rescission law in Ohio. This area of practice deals with canceling health insurance coverage after the insured is diagnosed with a serious, costly medical condition.