Finding Out if You Have a Valid Claim

How do you know whether you have a legitimate claim for damages if you are injured in a retail store, mall, bar, or public or private property?

Here are a few questions we can consider and investigate:

  • Was the property owner aware of the potential hazard, but failed to do anything about it?
  • Was the building or parking area inherently dangerous from the moment it was constructed, yet the property owner failed to make upgrades or secure the public from danger?

Sometimes a property owner fails to maintain adequate security, exposing you or loved ones to dangerous people or conditions. Because we are selective in the slip-and-fall injury cases we file, insurance companies know that every case we bring has merit and the evidence will be clearly in our client’s favor. Preparing every case to win in court translates into more serious proposals for full and fair settlements during negotiations. Our legal team has an excellent record of significant settlements and jury awards on behalf of our clients.