Choose Spangenberg for a Cancer Misdiagnosis / Delayed Diagnosis Case

The attorneys of Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP have the professional and financial resources available to pursue litigation in the most complex cases involving failure to diagnose a disease or other acts of medical negligence. For 70 years, we have been recognized as the law firm to go to for sophisticated representation and winning strategies in complex litigation matters. We prepare every misdiagnosis case for trial and are proud of our successful record of obtaining some of the most significant jury awards in the state. We are the cancer misdiagnosis lawyers in Cleveland that many attorneys and firms refer clients to when the case is beyond their law firm's capacity.

Over $1 Billion Recovered for Our Clients

Winning in court means more than presenting the facts. Diagnosis options and treatment timelines often involve understanding complex technical issues. Jurors are often prejudiced in favor of doctors. Winning at trial requires making sure the jury understands that the doctor made a preventable and inexcusable error. Insurance defense lawyers know that our cases are prepared diligently and have merit to win. Winning at settlement negotiations means winning at preparation.