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William Eadie | Feb 16, 2015

Business Disputes Over Breach of Contract

Categories: Business Litigation

Businesses are set up and maintained through a series of contracts. Whether the contract is to obtain a permit, open a storefront or even sell the merchandise of a vendor it is vital for every business to use contracts.

But how do we handle a contract that has been broken by one business owner to another? This breach of contract can be extremely damaging financially.

To show that a party who is in a contract with you has breached the agreement, you need to take a couple steps to prove that. This can be a challenge and you’ll need factual evidence to make your case.

First, we need to show there was a valid contract. The contract must have legal dates and information that can clear point to a breach. The specific requirements for breach of contract will vary depending on state laws, as well as the nature of the contract’s subject matter. Generally speaking, it’s easier to prove a breach of contract for a written contract rather than an oral contract. Second, we need to show how the contract has been breached and that the issue isn’t just over a minor error. And finally, we need to be able to not only prove your losses by calculate how much they’ve affected your business. Maybe the breach affected your bottom line but it also had a driving affect on your cash flow, how you hired staff and your capacity to produce products. All of these elements are brought into your business dispute lawsuit to show how the other party wronged you and breached their contract.

Lawsuits involving breach of contract include many different elements including proof, remedies and possible defenses. You may wish to hire a contracts lawyer to get more information or guidance on filing a lawsuit. Your lawyer can help you go over your contract, the facts of your claim and help you through the litigation process.