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Rhonda Baker-Debevec | Feb 16, 2015

Truck Accidents: Driving a Thorough Investigation

Categories: Truck Accident

After you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you have a lot of concerns and issues to deal with just to get your life back to normal. You need to fix your car, get healthy, deal with insurance companies and many other things to move on.

As you’re dealing with recovering from an accident, one of the hardest things you’ll have to deal with is whether or not the people you deal with are telling you the truth. From insurance adjusters to the tractor trailer driver, everyone has their own interest in mind and that sometimes leads to a person lying.

Something we come across often with tractor trailer drivers is that the driver’s log they are legally required to keep updated have missing or false information. They state the stopped somewhere for gas but never did. They stated they slept 12 hours at this spot and they never did. That’s why we double check everything. It is not only in our client’s best interest but in our own to double check all of our research. We have our client’s lives in our hands.

Driver’s logs can be easily checked through several different ways. Drivers keep all of their gas receipts as most companies don’t pay for all their gas. Those receipts are time and date stamped to help us track where just the driver went. Also, most drivers have transponders in their vehicles to pay for tolls (like an EZ-Pass). Again, these can help track a driver’s whereabouts. And finally, most trucks have GPS systems in their vehicles to help assist them getting around to places all over the country and they leave a trail of where the driver has been and why.

We don’t just allow evidence into a case without doing a full investigation into its truthfulness. We need accurate information in order to move forward and prove your case. No matter how carefully you drive and how well you follow the rules of the road, a large tractor trailer can cause a lot of damage and your car is no match. If you consider the injuries the driver may suffer as compared to you and your family, they can be devastating and life-changing. Personal injury truck accidents can be complicated. The driver, the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, and the insurance company all have different interests that they are working to protect. And you need to protect yourself with an experienced attorney.