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Stuart Scott, Esq. | Nov 4, 2020

Why Are Class Action Lawsuits So Important?

Class actions are primarily driven because of consumers being essentially ripped off by businesses. The injuries themselves are financial and are not typically large on an individual basis; that is how businesses are able to take advantage of people. There may be hundreds of thousands of people in the class. They don’t need to all go hire their own lawyer to protect their rights. Instead, that is being done by the lawyers who are in charge of the class action.

Going Through a Class Action Lawsuit

At the end of the class action, the injured get to see what type of work is being done and what type of compensation they are going to receive. They can either accept that from the class or go file their own lawsuit. They can only file their own suit after the class action after the work has been done and they see what work has been done, however. That is the appropriate time to hire your own lawyer to make sure that what you are getting out of the class action is appropriate.

Importance of Navigating a Class Action Lawsuit

The role of it in the law is to make sure that all businesses are playing by the rules and that some businesses aren’t getting an unfair advantage; either taking advantage of their consumers or their clients or trying to get a business advantage that is dishonest against their competition.

In essence, if you truly believe in the free market capitalist system, that the market will correct for itself, you have to have the mechanism of the consumer class action system. This is what will protect the consumers and that is what is going to keep corporate America honest.

Attorney Stuart Scott, Esq.Attorney Stuart Scott, Esq. has years of experience fighting for the consumer and a healthy free market. He is passionate about protecting the rights of each consumer as they encounter unscrupulous business practices.