The 8 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Working is a fact of life for nearly everyone, and depending on the type of work performed, some employees face greater risks than others. In fact, some professions are inherently dangerous and filled with potential hazards that cause numerous deaths, injuries, and illnesses every year.

According to statistics accumulated by Bureau of Labor Statistics and published in the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, America is home to a number of dangerous professions that subject employees to hazards that can result in injury or death. In 2015, more than 4,300 workers died on the job in the private sector nationwide.

Aside from loggers, fishers, and aircraft pilots – which consistently rank atop the list year after year – there are many professions that are considered among the most dangerous jobs in America. These include:

  1. Construction – More than 21% of all fatal workplace accidents in 2015 occurred in the construction industry, according to statistics from the BLS. OSHA reports that construction workers face numerous hazards on the job, the most significant of which include risks of electrocution, falls, falling objects, and moving machinery that can trap workers.
  2. Corrections Officers – The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that correctional officers have an injury incident rate exceeding 8%. America imprisons roughly 2 million inmates, more than any other country on earth. As such, there is high demand for corrections officers to work dangerous jobs in which injury and illnesses are common.
  3. EMTs – Emergency medical technicians are first responders who enter directly into hazardous situations. As a result, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that EMTs sustain more than 20,000 workplace injuries and illnesses each year.
  4. Farmers – Because farming involves work with heavy machinery and livestock, as well as repetitive stress, agricultural workers routinely suffer injuries and injuries. In fact, the CDC reports that nearly 170 farm workers lose time from work each day due to workplace injuries.
  5. Firefighters – Firefighters are among our most valued emergency personnel, and there jobs are known for being high risk. Some of the many hazards firefighters face include burns, smoke inhalation, falling debris, and falls from heights.
  6. Nursing – Although most people associate dangerous jobs with those involving heavy machinery or dangerous situations, nursing is actually one of the most dangerous industries in the U.S. This is due in part to exposure to infection and illness, as well as injuries associated with physically moving or caring for patients.
  7. Law Enforcement – Like firefighters, police officers are called to dangerous situations. Whether it be in direct confrontations or as a result of auto accidents, law enforcement ranks in the top 6 professions for lost work time due to work-related injuries, according to the BLS.
  8. Commercial Drivers – American roadways are among the most dangerous places in our country, and commercial drivers, including truck drivers, travel them every day. When accidents involving large commercial vehicles do happen, the sheer size and weight of trucks often leads to serious if not fatal injuries.

When it comes to workplace injuries, most Ohio workers will be entitled to benefits and medical assistance through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. As a no-fault system, workers’ compensation generally precludes an injured workers right to file suit against their employer. However, there may be circumstances for victims injured on the job to seek compensation outside of workers’ compensation, particularly if their employer’s gross negligence led to the injury or when a third-party may be held liable. Third parties commonly include contractors, negligent property owners, or manufacturers that made defective products.

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