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Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP | Apr 27, 2016

Taxotere and Links to Permanent Hair Loss

Categories: Product Liability, Defective Drugs and Medical Devices

Originally approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2004 to treat women with breast cancer, Taxotere (docetaxel) has been linked to the possibility of permanent hair loss. The allegations suggest that the manufacturer should have been aware of the side effects. They are accused of not informing patients about the increased risk of permanent alopecia.

The FDA made the change on Taxotere labels in 2015 to include the information regarding links to permanent alopecia. The Oxford Journal also published in their Annals of Oncology that “permanent and severe alopecia” was a newly reported side effect of Taxotere use.

While the FDA did state in 2009 that Taxotere was twice as potent as a chemotherapy drug alternative, the agency also believe that the efficacy was still comparable.

There may have been an equally effective, and possibly safer, alternative available to women.

Sanofi-Aventis, the manufacturer of Taxotere, received a letter from the FDA in 2009, regarding “unsubstantiated superiority claims” over the efficacy of the drug. According to the letter, the FDA claims the material is in violation of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

Drug manufacturers have a duty to warn consumers of potential risks involving their products. The maker of Taxotere should have warned users prior to the label change of the risk of permanent alopecia. Because their failure to warn, numerous women have suffered permanent hair loss after being treated with Taxotere.

If you or someone you love was treated with Taxotere and you suffered from permanent hair loss, you may have the right to file a claim. At Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP, our Cleveland dangerous drug lawyers are determined to help victims of Taxotere seek justice. You deserve justice and you deserve compensation. Call for your free review today and learn how our firm may be able to help you.