Cleveland Durom® Cup Recall Lawyers

Zimmer Hip Implant at Possible Risk

First entering the market in 2006, the Durom® Cup has been shrouded with controversy just a few years later. A preeminent surgeon warned colleagues that this artificial hip component may come loose, leaving patients in pain and in need of replacement surgery.

Dr. Lawrence Dorr, an orthopedist in Los Angeles, told the New York Times that the Durom® Cup, a device produced by Zimmer Holdings, "is a bad design."

A number of Dr. Dorr's colleagues have agreed, reporting the component has a higher than expected rate of failure. In response to growing physician discontent and patient complaints, Zimmer decided to halt sales of the Durom® Cup last month—but they did not recall the device.

According to Zimmer President and CEO David Dvorak, "U.S. surgeons...should stop implanting the Durom® Cup until we issue the updated labeling that provides more detailed guidance on surgical technique, and until they receive training."