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7 Secrets Insurance Adjusters Keep from Car Accident Victims

When you suffer injuries in a crash, you deserve compensation. However, insurance adjusters make it more challenging to get through the process. Insurance adjusters work for large corporations, and profits sit atop their priority list. Your pursuit of compensation threatens their bottom line, and they’re not always willing to work with you.

Despite their duty to care for claimants, insurance adjusters often keep secrets that could typically help a claim. They don’t want injured parties to know their rights; instead, they want claimants to accept whatever settlement they offer to save as much money as possible. We want to help.

Here are 7 secrets that insurance adjusters may try to keep from you:

  1. The friendly act is just that: an act
  2. You can and should have a lawyer
  3. Your statement can hurt your case
  4. Insurance adjusters always look for pre-existing medical conditions
  5. Value estimates will differ from adjusters and professionals
  6. The first offer is hardly ever fair
  7. You can receive compensation for non-economic damages

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1. The Friendly Act Is Just That: An Act

After a crash, it helps claimants to feel like an insurance adjuster empathizes with their situation. Insurance adjusters know that. So, they act friendly throughout the process because they want injured individuals to trust them and believe what they say. What an insurance adjuster says, though, is not always truthful.

Before you trust what insurance adjusters say, remember what their motives are. They have a job to handle claims, but they also want to protect their insurance company’s profits. The more they can do to save money, the better it is for the insurance adjuster.

2. You Can and Should Have a Lawyer

Insurance companies encourage you to call them immediately after a crash to report the accident. What most people don’t know is that a lawyer can help report the case on their behalf. Instead of contacting the insurance company directly, reach out to a lawyer instead.

When you file a claim, insurance adjusters don’t want you to have a lawyer. You can adequately protect your rights through the process when you have legal counsel. Insurance adjusters hope that you will manage the claim on your own, creating a vulnerable situation.

3. Your Statement Can Hurt Your Case

Insurance adjusters often request recorded statements to gather details about the case. However, they know many of the answers to the questions they ask. Recorded statements can hurt your case, though, if you say anything that contradicts your initial claim. You can have a lawyer for the recorded statement.

4. Insurance Adjusters Always Look for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

When you claim injuries after your accident, be specific about all damages you sustain. Insurance adjusters will then look for pre-existing medical conditions to determine if they should include compensation for particular injuries. Be sure to seek medical care after the crash to receive a diagnosis and begin your treatment.

5. Value Estimates Will Differ from Adjusters and Professionals

Compensation after a car accident can include medical expenses, lost income, property damage, and more. However, insurance adjusters may value your losses much differently than you expect. They try to save money in any way they can, even if that means devaluing your property damage.

If you hire an attorney, you get access to resources that help maximize your claim’s value. Even if insurance adjusters claim a specific value, your legal team can gather evidence to prove the actual value of your losses.

6. The First Offer Is Hardly Ever Fair

Settlement offers can be confusing. For a claimant, a settlement offer is tempting because it comes at a tough time. However, the offer is hardly ever enough to cover the full scope of damages after a crash. Insurance adjusters use the first offer to save the insurance company money. Before you accept any settlement offer, be sure to speak with a lawyer.

Keep in mind: if you accept the settlement offer, you may be unable to pursue additional compensation through legal methods.

7. You Can Receive Compensation for Non-Economic Damages

Before accepting any settlement, make sure it includes all damages you sustain. Your compensation can consist of non-economic damages. Compensation can include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of consortium

It’s often more difficult to prove non-economic damages because there’s no set proof of losses. Whereas you can prove the amount of lost income with pay stubs, it may be more difficult to show how the crash impacts your everyday life. In most cases, your non-economic compensation depends on how well your legal team can position your case.

Our Cleveland car accident lawyers are here to help. We know that large companies and their employees prioritize profits. When you suffer injuries in a crash because of someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to fight an uphill battle. Instead, we’ll be there to stand in your corner and help you move forward.

At Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP, we’re committed to your rights. We know that it’s never easy to deal with the aftermath of a severe car crash on your own. With your best interests in mind, we’ll work to help you navigate the complex claims-filing process. Trust that as true trial lawyers, we can handle any case.

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