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Spangenberg Shibley & Liber, LLP | Jul 10, 2012

Motorcycle Riders Need to be Seen

Categories: Personal Injury, Negligence

A recent accident in Elyria illustrates the dangers for motorcyclists on the road today. According to police Lt. Chris Constantino, Scottie Scott of South Amherst, was riding his motorcycle west on Lowell Street when he was struck by another car at the intersection of Lowell and Penfield.

The other car had been stopped at a stop sign on Penfield, when it struck Scott's motorcycle after it entered the intersection to make a left turn. Constantino stated the female driver told police that she saw the headlights of the motorcycle, but thought she had enough time to make the left turn; which turned out to be incorrect.

The small size of motorcycles, which often makes them more difficult to see, makes motorcyclists particularly susceptible to accidents. Also, motorcycle crashes are often extremely severe. And while it is not the motorcyclist's fault when inattentive drivers fail to see them, motorcyclists can be proactive and follow some basic safety tips in an effort to be better seen.

  • Make certain your headlight is on, even on sunny days.
  • Wear bright clothing and make use of retro-reflective material when needed.
  • Make sure to use your turn signals; possibly in conjunction with hand signals.
  • Never hesitate to your use horn when other drivers are attempting dangerous maneuvers, as it puts them on notice of your presence.
  • Position your motorcycle where it can be seen while driving, and avoid positioning yourself in the "blind spots" of other drivers.

Motorcycle accidents can be especially devastating. If you have been injured while riding a motorcycle as a result of the negligence of another driver, contact an experience personal injury attorney in your area today to be advised of your options.