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Spangenberg Shibley & Liber, LLP | Nov 6, 2013

Ohio Man Settles With Spinal Surgeon & Medical Center

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An Ohio man has recently settled a suit against an Akron spine surgeon for injuries he sustained during a back surgery performed to help alleviate pain in his lower back and right lower extremity.

According to the complaint filed in the Court of Common Pleas, Summit County, Ohio, the doctor performed a dangerous lumbar fusion procedure on the patient without adequately warning him of all the risks. The procedure, called Axial Lumbar Interbody Fusion, carries with it the risk of bowel perforation; a risk that the doctor failed to fully inform the patient of, as stated in the complaint.

The patient unfortunately suffered a perforated rectum during the lumbar fusion surgery, resulting in infection which required treatment, additional surgery and extended usage of a colostomy.

In the complaint, the patient accused the doctor of falling below the appropriate standards of medical care when the doctor failed to adequately advise him of the risks and when the doctor in fact perforated his rectum. The patient further alleged that even if a lumbar fusion procedure was necessary, which he disputes, there was another minimally invasive lumbar fusion procedure that would have produced the desired relief without the risk of bowel perforation; an option never considered.

The settlement marks the end of the multi-year lawsuit, and finally gives the patient some closure following his devastating ordeal. The patient was represented bySpangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP, a Cleveland-based law firm.