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Stuart Scott | Nov 21, 2013

Dangers of Mirena Uncovered

Categories: Defective Products

As a woman, you may have quite a few different options when it comes to a contraceptive device used for birth control. You may choose an implant, a birth control shot, cervical caps, sponges and IUD devices.

An IUD is an intrauterine device. It is a long-term birth control method inserted into the uterus in order to prevent pregnancy. Mirena is a popular form of the IUD but has been reported as the possible cause of several dangerous medical conditions.

Manufactured by Bayer, the Mirena device is a small plastic piece placed inside the uterus. It typically stays in place for five years and blocks sperm from reaching or fertilizing your eggs. It is a popular choice because of its “leave it and forget it” possibilities as that compared to taking a daily pill.

Recent studies and medical complaints have shown that the Mirena device has given many women serious complications. One of the most common of these is for perforation to occur. A doctor can improperly place the device at initial insertion resulting in the uterine rupturing. Once inserted, it can also migrate into the uterus and perforate the uterine wall. In more serious cases, women have suffered side effects that include ectopic pregnancies, intrauterine pregnancy and pelvic inflammatory disease.

The highly experienced attorneys at our firm understand medical device law and how devices such as Mirena can truly affect a woman’s life through a series of devastating side effects.