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William B. Eadie | Jan 2, 2014

Trucking Company Causes Car Wreck of Family

Categories: Truck Accident

We’ve all heard the stories: truck drivers from all over the country driving long shifts, falling asleep and causing accidents – or even worse, causing death.

But who’s to blame if a trucker hits a family heading home in their vehicle? While the truck driver definitely holds some responsibility, we also need to look at the company the driver works for.

A lot of drivers are held to the task of delivering freight and keeping to a tight deadline. This causes long hours, lack of sleep and unsafe driving conditions. Many drivers have to do this to keep their employment so we ultimately could find the trucking companies at fault.

This is the case in a lawsuit we represented for one family. However, during our case the trucking company tried to blame the accident on the family instead of taking responsibility for their own driver. There are federal regulations to which every driver and trucking company must adhere to in order to drive in a safe, legal manner. The company failed to follow these rules and even tried to hide evidence in which the driver logged his actual real hours, showing that the company worked him too many hours for days on end. They contributed to the carelessness of their driver and as such needed to be held responsible for the suffering they caused to an innocent family.