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William Eadie | Jan 2, 2014

My Child Was Hit By Car, What Can I Do?

Categories: Child Safety

Children can be in dangerous situations much more often than any of us would want. Children are often impulsive and not aware how much danger they could be in at any time.

For example, your child may be in harm’s way whenever they ride their bicycle. Not only is it possible that they cause their own accidents and fall, but they could also be injured by someone else.

A child hit by a car while riding their bike can suffer many devastating injuries such as broken bones and bruises. You may want to hold the person responsible for their harm during this accident. You can do this by bringing a lawsuit against the other party. The court can find them legally responsible for all costs incurred due to the accident.

If you bring a claim against someone else, you need help proving your case to either a judge or jury. We, as your attorneys, do this by gathering evidence. We question witnesses, read the accident reports and view photographic evidence to assist in proving your case. We can also hire accident reconstructionists. Their job is to rebuild the accident scene to help prove how the accident occurred and who was at fault.