TriStar Power Pressure Cooker XL Injuries

Consumers Have Reported Burn Injuries Caused by These Exploding Pressure Cookers

Multiple consumers from across the United States have reported second and third-degree burns caused by their Power Pressure Cooker XLs, manufactured and marketed by TriStar Products, Inc. in New Jersey. According to these reports, the lid can fly off the unit while in operation, emitting steam and hot liquid onto those nearby. The pressure cookers in question were sold at major retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Promotional videos for the product claim that the lid remains in place until the pressure dissipates and it is safe to remove. Many consumers have reported just the opposite. One Georgia woman sustained severe burns on her torso when the lid of her TriStar pressure cooker popped off while she was cooking Easter dinner.

Adults aren’t the only victims of TriStar pressure cooker injuries. Some of the incident reports involve children who were burned while in the vicinity of these incendiary devices.

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