Unfortunately, our most vulnerable and fragile citizens can become the victims of negligence or abuse by the very people who are paid to care for them. When this occurs, the nursing home neglect attorneys at Spangenberg Shibley & Liber are prepared to help the family discover what happened and hold the nursing home accountable. We encourage you to contact a Cleveland elder abuse attorney from our firm.

Nursing Home Injuries Caused By Neglect

We can represent your loved one in a case involving elder abuse. Some of the common avoidable mistakes that we have seen occur in nursing homes against nursing home residents who are not capable of protecting themselves are:

In too many of these cases, the family is left without answers as to why their parent or loved one was injured. In some cases, they find out about a condition such as bedsores / pressure ulcers only after the condition has become severe or life threatening. We encourage you to seek legal recourse as soon as possible regarding your case. Below we’ve outlined two examples of nursing home abuse cases that our firm has handled successfully.

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