We Prepare Your Case for Trial—Not a Quick Settlement

At Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP, we know that winning a motor vehicle accident injury case takes more than just the right set of circumstances. Our firm is not an insurance settlement mill seeking quick settlement offers. While most cases end up settling out of court, it is only after the insurance lawyers see that we have thoroughly investigated and diligently prepared the case for trial, applying the most sophisticated strategies and professional resources available. We investigate your case before we file, to ensure that every case we bring has merit and our arguments for full and fair compensation are presented clearly. If the insurance company won't pay fair value to settle your claim, we are prepared to try the case.

We Manage Complex Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Getting a handle on the complex facts isn’t enough. Jurors have prejudices. Judges have biases. The law evolves. This requires a sophisticated understanding of how to explain the law—and how to tell your story—in a persuasive way.

We are selective about the cases we handle. This means you can trust that the experience, skill, and knowledge of our entire trial team of attorneys and staff can be applied to preparing and trying your case. This is the difference you will find between our firm and so many others that say they are experienced trial lawyers. We actually have the jury awards and case results to prove it.


Our Cleveland auto accident attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in all types of motor vehicle accidents, personal injury and wrongful death cases, including: