Why Spangenberg?

Nationally Recognized Business Litigation Lawyers in Cleveland

Businesses need trial attorneys prepared to handle complex, high-stakes cases. Businesses need trial attorneys who are willing to share risk and whose incentives are aligned with those of the business. Spangenberg Shibley & Liber LLP’s Business Litigation Group has experience litigating cases through to trial—and appeal—for businesses large and small. Contingency fee-based arrangements tailored to meet your goals and significant high-stakes litigation experience make Spangenberg a premier, results-oriented litigation partner.

Other attorneys regularly partner with Spangenberg’s Business Litigation Group attorneys for their clients. Our Cleveland business litigation lawyers work in partnership with—but never replace—business, corporate and bankruptcy counsel in order to seamlessly manage the litigation process. In retaining Spangenberg, business attorneys know they are partnering with a firm that has 70 years of excellence in trial practice.

Contingency Fees: Simply Smart Business

Many businesses use general business counsel on an hourly or per-project fee, which makes sense for general business needs. When faced with the risks of significant litigation, however, the hourly fee framework is not ideal. That’s why we have developed a solution for our business clients. Spangenberg uses contingency fee arrangements and blended fee structures to share in the risk and exposure with our clients.