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Michael Hill | Jan 5, 2014

Medical Care is the Right of Any Inmate Patient

Categories: Civil Rights

Living in our society, we all have a basic set of rights that everyone enjoys. If you’re sent to jail or prison some of those rights are taken away as a form of punishment for the crime you’ve been convicted of.

However, what an inmate doesn’t lose is the most basic right of medical care. Each jail or prison will have doctors and nursing staff on property to assist in medical emergencies and healthcare. At no time should anyone be denied medical care – even if they are convicted of a crime and happen to be in jail.

We have to hold all healthcare providers to the same level of care no matter where they work. There are plenty of horror stories of how inmates are treated within the corrections system. From pregnant women who miscarry because the staff doesn’t believe they were pregnant to patients with chronic pain being ignored allowing cancer to throughout the body. Poorly trained and apathetic staff leads to numerous complaints about the health care and safety of any inmate, whether they are in a county jail or federal prison. Inmates are entitled to medical care and attention – even for mental health issues- as needed to treat both short-term conditions and long-term illnesses and this medical care must be adequate.