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There are many types of mold commonly found in homes. Many are harmless. Other molds, known as Toxic Mold, can cause allergic reactions, including headaches and breathing problems. One very harmful and deadly form of Toxic Mold is stachybotrys chartarum, commonly known as Black Mold. Black Mold, which can form very easily in damp and dark conditions, releases harmful toxins. When inhaled, these toxins can cause severe respiratory problems, such as asthma, in adults. Black Mold can lead to death in infants.

You may become a victim of Black Mold if your landlord or other property owner failed to properly remove Black Mold from the premises, or if the construction company that built your new home failed to use the proper construction materials and other equipment. If you believe that you were injured by Black Mold, you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney willing to fight for the full compensation you and your loved one deserve. Put us to work for you now by contacting us to arrange a free consultation.

Proving a Black Mold Claim: How a Toxic Mold Lawyer Works


To prove your claim, a Spangenberg Toxic Mold attorney will need to show:

  • Fault – the landlord, property owner or construction company caused the Black Mold contamination or failed to correct it.
  • Causation – the Black Mold contamination caused your injury, known as Damages.
  • Damages – how you have been harmed by the Black Mold, from suffering to medical bills, lost wages to permanent disabilities, or even death.

We do this by requesting records, investigating facilities, getting expert opinions from doctors, nurses, and industry-specific experts like civil engineers and air quality professionals. Regardless of the cause of the Black Mold, we will investigate and prepare the case with the end goal of being ready and willing to go to trial on your behalf — and our opponents know it.

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