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Spangenberg, Shibley & Liber, LLP | Mar 5, 2014

Affording an Attorney: What are My Options?

Whether you’re an individual or a small business owner, you may not be able to handle attorney fees if you need to bring a lawsuit against another party.

First, you should know that there are different ways in which an attorney gathers fees. Some attorneys charge on an hourly basis and depending on what type of case and firm you go to this can be generally expensive. Another thought on this is if an attorney truly works efficient if they only get paid more by billing more hours. Another option some attorneys have is a flat fee. Some services that they offer are basic and don’t change too much per case such as divorces without assets, bankruptcies under a certain amount, and consumer debt negotiations. And finally, lawyers can sometimes work under what’s known as a ‘contingency fee.’ This is a fee you pay only if the attorney settles or wins your case.

With a contingency fee, you are not subject to out-of-pocket expenses such as document filing, getting copies of medical records, doctor visits, gathering evidence and even hiring of expert witnesses. This is all done by the lawyer at their own expense until you are victorious in your lawsuit. This allows you to continue on with your life without even further damage financially as you pay your bills and maybe run a business.

There is also something that can be said that an attorney who fronts the cost of your case not only has confidence in your lawsuit but will work hard and efficient in getting the case resolved.

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