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Michael Hill | Nov 21, 2013

Nursing Home Negligence Turns into Legal Negligence

Categories: Legal Malpractice

As an injured victim, we expect a lot from our attorneys. They are here to protect our rights and help us seek compensation for the harm caused by someone else’s carelessness or negligence.

But for one woman, it did not work out as she planned. She had been injured in a nursing home she was residing in. She fell and was very seriously hurt. The nursing home was at fault and needed to be held responsible for her injuries and suffering.

She retained an attorney but they failed to do their job properly. They missed a deadline to file something with the court and in doing so the case was dismissed. Now here was this woman, she was injured and now had no recourse in which to be compensated. Without a case, she could not get any justice for the pain she suffered, the medical bills that piled up and the other costs of dealing with being hurt.

When the client came to us they were devastated that their attorney would fail them so horribly. Something as simple as turning in a document to court on time had ruined their chances to be compensated. We fought on their side to bring the offending attorney to court. We brought a case of legal negligence against him and sued for malpractice. This is basically a lawsuit in which we hold the attorney who wronged our client responsible for her injuries because they failed to do their job in the correct manner. Because the attorney failed to bring the lawsuit correctly, our client was out the medical bills and fees so we held that attorney personally responsible for her losses.