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Spangenberg Shibley & Liber, LLP | Jun 11, 2012

Spangenberg Shibley & Liber Launches a New Website For Those Who Have Been Affected by Actos

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The Spangenberg law firm is currently investigating Actos, a Takeda Pharmaceuticals diabetes medication, because it may increase the risk of bladder cancer among those who take the drug for more than one year. The nationally recognized dangerous drug law firm, Spangenberg Shibley and Liber has successfully handled hundreds of prior pharmaceutical side effect cases and will bring the same level of expertise to the Actos bladder cancer lawsuit.

Based on the results of a ten year epidemiological study, the FDA has released a warning stating that Actos may lead to increased risk of bladder cancer in those with long-term use of the drug. Long term use is described as anyone taking the medication for longer than one year. The FDA has also warned that the risks of bladder cancer may also increase as the amount of the drug taken increases.

Actos is a diabetes medication used in conjunction with diet and exercise to treat type 2 diabetes patients by controlling the body's sensitivity to insulin. While there may be dangerous side effects caused by Actos, be sure to contact a physician before changing your usage of Actos.

Contact an Actos bladder cancer lawyer today for a free consultation on your potential Actos lawsuit. Every potential case is governed by a statute of limitations and the clock may already be ticking, so be sure to contact us immediately for a free case evaluation. Spangenberg Shibley and Liber operates on a contingency fee structure, meaning there is never any upfront or out of pocket cost. All fees and expenses come out of the recovery from the resolution of the lawsuit. Visit our new Actos lawsuit website today or contact us to begin the evaluation of a potential Actos bladder cancer lawsuit.